We Love Babies at Work!

The Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa (GSGI) recently rolled out a wonderful new program that allows its employees to bring their babies to work for the first six months of the the child’s life.  The program provides a supportive and smooth transition for parents and babies when a parent returns to work after parental leave.  At GSGI, parents are able to care for their babies while they work, and, if they need to attend a meeting or have a phone call that would require them to be baby-free, other staff can volunteer to watch the baby.  

GSGI’s program follows the growing tend of modernizing workplaces, including the U.S. Senate.  We have the same program here at Timmer & Judkins and can’t wait for our newest baby to arrive this summer! 

Studies have shown that the pay gap between men and women grows exponentially during women’s childbearing years. When employers have policies that support women after they have children, rather than pushing working women aside and assuming they will not work as hard (or at all) after having a child–an assumption women have proven false time and again–employers recruit and retain talent and improve workplace satisfaction. 

It will certainly take more than letting parents bring their babies to work to close the gender pay gap, but normalizing and even celebrating new parents in the workplace is an exciting first step.  We hope more employers adopt programs like GSGI.  

It is also worth noting that several members of Team T&J are proud Girl Scout alums.  #girlpower