T&J Files Civil Rights Lawsuit against Polk County for Jailer’s Assault on Unarmed, Compliant Inmate

On March 12, 2019, Timmer & Judkins attorneys Brooke Timmer and Nate Borland filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Polk County Sheriff’s Department and a former jailer, alleging the County and the jailer violated T&J client Justin Meyer’s civil rights when the jailer attacked Justin, who was unarmed and compliant, in his jail cell.

The lawsuit alleges the jailer referred to a Hispanic inmate as a “nigger,” a “punk,” and a “bitch.” Justin stood up for the other inmate, telling the jailer he was violating the inmate’s rights. The jailer told Justin to “shut the fuck up.” Later, Justin again told the jailer he couldn’t talk to inmates like that.

The lawsuit alleges the jailer unlocked and aggressively entered Justin’s cell. The jailer then grabbed Justin by the throat, struck Justin’s face with his forearm, and threw Justin to the ground, causing injuries to Justin’s lips, knees, neck, back, head, forearms, elbows, and ribs.

Polk County allowed the jailer to resign without facing any disciplinary action.

View the complete lawsuit here.

Today, the Des Moines Register wrote about Meyer’s lawsuit. Read their coverage here.

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