Police Sergeant Forced to Resign After Reporting Sex Discrimination

Timmer & Judkins client Sierra Fox, a Police Sergeant with the West Union Police Department, was forced to resign her position on Friday, April 12, 2019.

Sergeant Fox, who is represented by T&J attorneys Katie Ervin Carlson and Nate Borland, has faced sex discrimination ever since a new chief took over the department. When Sergeant Fox complained about the chief’s discrimination, the City took no action. When the City failed to address the issues and Sergeant Fox filed a civil rights complaint against the City and the chief of police, the City retaliated against her.

The Gazette has more details on the case. Click here to read the story.

Timmer & Judkins issued the following statement regarding Sergeant Fox:

For years, Sierra Fox has served the citizens of West Union with distinction. She has been a dedicated public servant and police officer who was singled out by the Chief of Police for one reason: She is a woman.

When she stood up for herself and brought the issues to the City’s attention, the Chief, City Administrator, and police committee turned their backs on her and forced her to resign.

All Sergeant Fox wants is to continue serving and protecting the people of West Union with her loyal partner Xena. Despite her heartbreak over what has happened, her bravery and resolve should be commended.


  1. Robyn Stokstad

    Thank you Sergeant Fox for serving and protecting the people of West Union and we hope you will be able to continue doing that. It is what is right.

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