Harassers Don’t Harass Everyone

This afternoon, the State of Iowa released an independent investigation into harassment allegations involving former Iowa Finance Authority Director Dave Jamison.

In addition to providing detail on the allegations that led Kim Reynolds to fire Jamison, who she described as a “family friend” and “social friend” who “knows her voice,” the independent investigators made an observation relevant to the Kavanaugh confirmation proceedings:

“We did not find evidence that Mr. Jamison directed sexually harassing behavior at other female employees at IFA to anything like the degree he did with Witness 1 and Witness 2. … Mr. Jamison’s treatment of Witness 1 and Witness 2 was both quantitatively and qualitatively different than it was of other women.”

This is why arguments like “he didn’t harass anyone else” ring hollow with those of us who handle these cases every day. This is why we SHOULD believe reports even when “he is the nicest guy” to most women.

Click here to view the full report or click here to view the appendix to the report, which includes interview summaries.

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